12th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition and Conference

June 14th, 2011 by

From June 7-June 10, the 12th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition and Conference (CIEPEC) was held in Beijing. The exhibition and conference, which are held every two years, are one of the major opportunities for enterprises, academia, and regulators from China and internationally to exchange ideas and solutions for China’s environmental issues.  The aim of the exhibitions closely follow the main goals laid out by China’s Five Year Plans (FYP).

The exhibits and conferences were free and open to the public and received media attention

This year, being the first year of the 12th FYP, the exhibition dedicated one full floor to summarize the progress made during the 11th FYP (2006-2010) through text, photos, models, and technology demostration, and to set goals for the 12th FYP (2011-2015). This year’s CIEPEC was hosted at the China International Exhibition Center, with over 30,000 square meters of exhibition space, organized into six exhibition halls, two of which were dedicated to stalls for international companies. In total, over 500 domestic and international companies were represented.  International exhibition areas were organized by Italy, France, the US, Germany, Japan, Korea, Canada, Holland, Beligum and Israel.

Two halls were dedicated to international firms' exhibition to promote international collaboration around China's environmental issues

Exhibits addressed the following themes: Pollution control technologies, environmental monitoring and analysis, clean production and resource utilization, ecological remediation and protection, environmentally-friendly products and technologies, and the environmental service sector. Though more emphasis is being placed on the development of the environmental services sector in the 12th FYP, these firms represented a minority of the exhibits, indicating opportunity for international firms to transfer techniques to the Chinese market. The majority of exhibits focused on wastewater treatment techniques and environmental monitoring instruments.

An exhibit at the 12th China International Environmental Protection Exhibition and Conference

The conference proceedings handbook also contained a document entitled “Opinions about the development of the environmental protection industry during the 12th Five-Year Plan period”, which features expert analysis of China’s Environmental Protection Industry in the context of development as outlined by the 12th FYP. There is currently no English version available for this document, but I will shortly be posting my translation of the document for reference.

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