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Advanced Ecologically Engineered Systems

August 25th, 2010

An Advanced Ecologically Engineered System (AEES) is a wastewater treatment system that uses natural processes to treat water. The US EPA has conducted extensive research on AEES and constructed wetlands; and has concluded that these types of natural systems can often-times be the preferred sustainable ecological engineering solution to some of the wastewater problems we are encountering worldwide.  The most commonly known AEES technology is the Living Machine®. These systems are often composed of outdoor ponds and wetlands, but in certain cases they are comprised of biological systems housed indoors where the climate can be more closely controlled. Here are a few reasons why natural treatment systems like the AEES are gaining attention from cities and wastewater experts:

-They require little energy input after construction

-They are cheaper to build and maintain than conventional treatment systems

-They are aesthetically pleasing

-They can provide habitat, evaporative cooling benefits, and improve air quality

John Leys, lead reviewer
Bry Sarté, peer review
Nick Lee, research






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